A DRK nurse wore such an armband and the same apron[5]. I remember a nurse doll made in Hong Kong 20 years ago in a Toysrus nearby. The doll was named Elsa or something, wore the smock, I think. A shop sells copies of DRK armband[4].

Our belonged labor union always ordered us wearing the union's armband on demanding wage up about a month. I had not liked wearing an armband. I remember armbands worn by notorious Kempei[1] in Japan, Nazis in Germany, and Red guard ( gq ) in China.

The press persons of Japan wear the armbands even now as the riot policemen ( @ ) of Japan did. Japanese modern police likes the word 'kidou' ( @ ), internal police ( ) and Kempei ( ) competed one another. Originally IJN named her air strike fleet kidoubutai ( @ ). Asahi Shimbun declares that crews wear armbands[2][3].

ArmbandHitler ArmbandRedGuard ArmbandRiot
Hitler Jugend Red guard Riot police

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